Vampire Tour in New Orleans

Vampire Tour in New Orleans

Walk through New Orleans' history and experience the legends of famous New Orleans vampires, real and fictional. Visit sights and locations associated with these creatures of the night, including a visit to a noted Vampire tavern.

Are the undead lurking in the French Quarter? Follow your experienced guides into the dark realm and find out for yourself!

Escape into the night as your offbeat, theatrical New Orleans tour guides provide you with an eerie, chilling yet fun-filled adventure!

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90 minutes


8:30 pm daily

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to tour departure time.


Vampires and vampire-like creatures have been found in the folklore of every civilization, every culture and every religion since the beginning of recorded time. New Orleans is no exception. New Orleans was settled in the early 1700's and it was during this time in Europe that massive vampire hunts were occurring.

It was a tradition that began in the early 1200's in Eastern Europe and over hundreds of years spread into Western civilizations. Vampire hunters, usually church representatives, were digging up the dearly departed, driving wooden stakes through the corpses, then beheading and burning the body.

In Louisiana, many families still practice a custom called "sitting up with the dead". When a family member died, someone within the family, or perhaps a close family friend, would stay with the body until it was buried or placed into an above-ground tomb. The body was never left unattended. There are many reasons given for this practice today, most commonly, respect for the dead.

This tradition however, actually dates back to Vampire Folklore in eastern Europe. In doing this, you were watching for signs of paranormal activity. If a cat was ever seen to jump over, walk across, or stand on top of the coffin; if a dog was seen to bark or growl at the coffin; or if a horse shied from it, these were signs of impending vampirism and at that point you would take steps to prevent the corpse from returning from the dead.

If being a murderer, rapist, or other criminal element would predispose one to vampirism, it is easy to see how they would have become so prevalent in New Orleans (the city did start out as a penal colony). All of the original settlers would have been predisposed to it! Once they blended in with the mortals, they could easily feed on the population without raising much suspicion. With people dying in great masses from diseases such as yellow fever, who's going to notice another body here or there?

Come join this tour and learn about the secrets of the Vampires of New Orleans!

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